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Two hot blonds battle it out in non-scripted wrestling Brutal submissions and...
Two hot blonds battle it out in non-scripted wrestling Brutal submissions and fingering on the mat
Tara Lynn Fox is back to single competition. Her Tag Team took 3rd place last season and she has increased her skill level dramatically. Tara is quicker, stronger, and has the skill to now compete with all but the elite of Ultimate Surrender.

Addison Heart returns with a sexy smooth body and big tits for the second match of her career. This rookie is one of the better recruits for the new season. One of Addison's weaknesses is sex, and to take it to the next level this wrestler will need to conquer her own libido or she will forever be a fuck toy on the mat.

Tara started stong and got fingers in Addison's pussy early and often. Tara used a variety of submission holds and punished the rookie both physically and sexually on the mat.

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Tha Training of Gia DiMarco, Day Four
Tha Training of Gia DiMarco, Day Four
Pretty girls suffer so nicely. Especially when they want it. My initial assessments of DiMarco pegged her as one more gorgeous porn slut that is used to getting whatever she wants. After four days of grinding her will into the concrete floor of the basement, it is time to admit that I was wrong.

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The Proposal
The Proposal
Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the Live April match-up between The Ninjas and The Goddesses.

Vendetta is unstoppable, she is a terminator on a mission and that mission is to destroy Isis Love. Vendetta totally dominated Isis during their one-on-ones. She fingers Isis at will, and makes her moan on the mat.

The Goddess were over matched and defeated by a margin unheard of in Tag Team Wrestling. The Ninjas came to kick ass and they did! Tara Lynn Foxx performed splendidly and The Ninjas are undefeated in Tag Team action.

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Anal Antics... Ivy Mokhov
Anal Antics... Ivy Mokhov
Ivy is a brat who needs to go to Nurse Starr. While there she gives some lip & needs to be restrained during her enema and does not do a very good job listening to the nurse.

We had some technical problems during a shoot which caused us to end early but with the first scene done I thought you might like to see a little alternative enema action.

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